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Infoleak What are you eating?

Nektar Geist

An Onion Among Onions
Pottage made from pancetta, black pudding, broccoli, sweet potato, and a few herbs and spices. IMG_20231103_174420_kindlephoto-7215878.jpg
And the old standard...
Chocolate and banana cake.

Time 4 Guillotines

it goes it goes it goes
Baby Onion
Getting ready to board a train for a couple days, so it's gonna be all cans of soup, sunflower seeds and water since you're not going to catch me paying $25/meal.

Time 4 Guillotines

it goes it goes it goes
Baby Onion
ur gonna be on a train for a COUPLE DAYS? jfc
Meh, having grown up a poorfag who relied on Greyhound I don't remotely mind. I had the option to fly but these long trips are an extremely pleasant way to see America.
I packed my router with me so hopefully I get a few bites lol