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  • Quick Guide to the Onionverse - The best and most chill Kiwifarms splinter site on the internet - The highly integrated microblog Twitter alternative under development for the kiwifarms/onionfarms communnity as well as the general public. Open source and powered by humub software. In the future it will be enhanced with custom addons - The fediverse (Mastodon). The shitposting microblog specifically intended for the Onionfarns/Kiwifarms communities - The general public forum documenting the games celebrities and countries play as well as a place to debate the political happenings of the day.

  • Bugs and Setups

    Updates April 1, 2023 has problems with the e-mail system

    The integration with Facebook isn't what I quite expected now integrated with Google and Discord

    Integration of with Twitter will begin shortly

    Work on retweet feature will commence shortly

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