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  1. Constant

    Kiwifarms Gossip Animal Control

    Animal Control This thread is for the discussion of the Animal Control board on Kiwi Farms. What is Animal Control? Animal Control, commonly referred to as ‘AC’ is the most vile board on Kiwi Farms. Animal control is infested with internal and external gay-ops and is generally a barely...
  2. Constant

    Kiwifarms Gossip Zoosadist Content Hosted on Kiwi Farms

    Joshua Moon hosts illegal zoosadist content on his website. In this “archive” are graphic photographs and videos of animals being sexually tortured, mutilated, and raped to death in very gorey fashion. This has been hosted on his site for SEVEN YEARS and even Josh acknowledges there is no reason...
  3. Constant

    Kiwifarms On The Internet Joshua Moon V. Everybody - CourtTV

    Thread is currently being reorganized What timeline are we a part of where these are real Courtroom Exhibits :haha: Take that off the god damn Internet! Subforum This subforum is where Josh posts every legal request he...
  4. The Gays From LA

    Joshua Conner Moon - Kiwi Farms Null and lawfaring

    I've been thinking about this a lot ever since Null expressed an interest in using legal means to get his website back online. I don't know if Null is seriously considering suing LFJ. It will be trivial for LFJ to frame his involvement in #DropKiwiFarms as a form of protected free speech...

    Joshua Conner Moon - Kiwi Farms Joshua Conner "Null" Moon

    It was less of a trolling plan and more of a spur of the moment decision. >implying I used a sock for this >implying I don't have 93 active sock accounts on KF right now
  6. D

    Joshua Conner Moon - Kiwi Farms Josh and Finances

    When it comes to finances, Josh is consistently inconsistent with his figures, and no one is really certain how much money he is making monthly, spending, and has stored away in his walls. Because of trolls and persistent enemies, Josh has had to pull himself up by his bootstraps and buy a...
  7. crocodile

    How will potential changes regarding Section 230 affect this site?

    I know that's a recurring concern for Null, so I'm curious how this place will differ from the other site he owns (if at all.)
  8. Randy Know

    Joshua Conner Moon - Kiwi Farms Joshua Moon Megathread

    Joshua Moon is a mentally ill involuntary celibate who often sits in chat and screams at his own users. Usually Josh is angry about shit he did or didn't do himself, or occasionally he gets mad about philosophical concepts or politics. This thread is for archiving all instances of Joshua...
  9. Yandere

    Kiwifarms Gossip Lol look at this faggot- OF edition

    To recreate a thread we had on Kiwi Farms Drama before it got deleted; I believe this one was about posting cringe posts.
  10. Mario

    Kiwifarms Gossip Kiwi Farms Thread

    Lol, the old one got deleted so might as well start a new one.