June 15, 2024: Movie Night Starts This Week - General Public

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Joshua Moon the owner of Kiwifarms


Hellovan Onion
Post the Boykisser thread NOW.

Daniel Lopez

Clowny Daggers, Y'all
Aside from all the general childish behavior and mismanagement, what's got me most against this nigger, second only to his association with (((Sanctioned Suicide))), is his newfound and completely unironic adoption of Westboro Baptist ideology/talking points.
I told everyone when I can here that Josh's ultimate goal is to build a coalition of the most absolutely fucked and deservedly deplatformed people on the planet so they can collectively argue for their right to exist on the clearnet. You can think I'm a goofy jackass that doesn't know shit, but I swear that's the direction the ship is being steered.
Shit is going to get grimier and genuinely start to glow before we're at the point Jewsh is ready to make the big move

Galactic Innerways

Below the wells
Hellovan Onion
Actual retarded take from Null.
"Let me stream to the old folks platform, that'll show 'em! (Them being whoever he hates right now)"
I guess that'll garner some attention to his haters but they'll probably just upload clips on youtube akin to alogging him. I have no reason why he just won't continue to use rumble like he's BEEN doing, it just seems absolutely braindead to stream e else where you didn't captivate an audience (even though KF is where he gained that fanbase of his anyways)