1. Hey Siri

    Der Kenglefrage

    Right I need a definitive answer and don't you faggots meme or ban me to death. Does Kengle really boil his burgers? I want to know right MEOW!!!!
  2. Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt

    Orbiter Dillin Thomas: YouTuber Thirsty for CWC Drama. Veiled Jealousy of Kengle Over 2nd CWC Letter from Jail

    Apparently I caught Dillin's eye a while back with this YouTube Video He has recently made a YouTube Video on my letter even though he hates me (I will give you three guesses on his favorite subject on YouTube) His Twitter: His Patreon...
  3. Randy Know

    Joshua Conner Moon - Kiwi Farms Joshua Moon Megathread

    Joshua Moon is a mentally ill involuntary celibate who often sits in chat and screams at his own users. Usually Josh is angry about shit he did or didn't do himself, or occasionally he gets mad about philosophical concepts or politics. This thread is for archiving all instances of Joshua...