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  1. WeezerGaming3000

    Swinger Tok

    Have you guys seen this shit. it's really good exsample how people can have stable or normal relationships anymore, and the incest swinger shit is even more weird. https://www.tiktok.com/@swingerlife0738
  2. Randy Know

    Joshua Conner Moon - Kiwi Farms Joshua Moon Megathread

    Joshua Moon is a mentally ill involuntary celibate who often sits in chat and screams at his own users. Usually Josh is angry about shit he did or didn't do himself, or occasionally he gets mad about philosophical concepts or politics. This thread is for archiving all instances of Joshua...
  3. Yandere

    Kiwifarms Gossip Lol look at this faggot- OF edition

    To recreate a thread we had on Kiwi Farms Drama before it got deleted; I believe this one was about posting cringe posts.