Transgender but from Female to Male

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Baby Onion
Oct 19, 2022
Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but this bothers me much more than M2F. Its like destroying something beautiful.

Sadly, there's been an uptick in teen girls claiming to be trans or non-binary in recent years thanks to Tumblr and Reddit echo chambers telling them stuff like, "Oh you don't like having a period? Sounds like you're trans! Just become a male like I did!" and we're fucking up the whole world.

As a father of a daughter, this terrifies me more than anything else. It is my goal in life to make sure this never happens.
I recall listening to Joe Rogan's podcast episodes with Abigail Shrier, a famous critic of the present trans movement. She stated in there that, before the trans explosion of the last decade, gender dysphoria had a rate of something like one in 10,000, most of whom were male. Since the Trans phenomenon took off in the Mid 2010s, though, the rate of gender dysphoria has not only skyrocketed, but it's now majority female, in contrast to how it was before the current thing switched from Gay Marriage to Trans, which happened very quickly after Obergefell v. Hodges and which I for one don't think was a coincidence.
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