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Joshua Conner Moon - Kiwi Farms Josh takes away a standard forum feature and makes it paid DLC

Joshua Moon the owner of Kiwifarms

the last laugh

Remarkable Onion


Cringe, but Free
Remarkable Onion
Ah yes le funny joke day "I was merely pretending to be retarded" something something lol

Gaylord Socker

Giver of willies
Baby Onion
A-logging Josh requires things that even Kiwis would find reprehensible instead of petty/stale reaches like this with Hasidic music in the background.
How about you go be a sperg and use AI to have him speak about his time writing a large amount of vore porn for his e-GF?
That'd be novel at very least and is a fucking hilarious contradiction between reality and how puritanical he presents himself