Kiwifarms Gossip ITT: list of the most spergy fags on kiwifarms you come across and/or interact with

General gossip about kiwifarms
list me (and us) spergy kiwifarmers who will fucking lash at you if you slightly disturb them

VAIDS Victim

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would like to have links to her pics on kiwi land ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Them and a few of the ones grave dancing on my page after glowie scizo'd out are probably part of a gay ops group in discord or private message chains or something
A bunch of them started showing up after glowie did which is suspicious
either they have a kiwi PM group (the farms and this site both use xenforo and xenforo allows people to create a PM group by simply inviting others into the said group) or they have an off-site discord group. the former is mental rot and the latter is mental rot + super gay. like imagine dedicating your life to backseat moderating a crumbling website KEK :story: :story:

VAIDS Victim

Monsanto Employee, Abortion Connoisseur
Hellovan Onion
The really disturbing thing about AR is her cockroach fetish and she self-doxed herself in rgds to that on an other forum I believe. Id look for it but it's too disgusting to post, just trust me (tm).

Apparently she also "milks" cockroaches.
Oh wow, I thought she only liked them as pets.


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no, the site isn't down. you have been shadowbanned. kiwifarms shadowban you by blocking your access to the site. how do I know this? well it's because I can visit the farms just fine. see my reply.

circumventing the farms's creepy censorship is really easy. either you use any VPN (be it a free one or a paid one) or you use the tor browser (don't worry, it's available on Linux, mac os, windows, and android).

edit: the farms's onion link: https://kiwifarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion
I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux,
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Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component
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distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.


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There was this one user named BLASTERRILFE from the Bogleech Thread.

Got into a fight with Bog about how people in War-Torn countries shouldn't reproduce and how everyone was right in calling Bogleech a mentally ill retard. Then switched his positions because Bogleech was acting much more positive on his blog, then switched it again because of something.

I pointed this out and drove him off off of KF. The literal last post he ever made was giving me an angry sticker.

This was after calling me his favorite user in the thread.

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