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  1. GHive is Evil

    Possible PA Thread GHive - Geoff Campbell (MiamiGator) and His Band of Twitter Trolls

    Geoff Campbell (@GeoffMiami on Twitter), is a Jewish Twitter troll, former jingle writer (Yes, really!), local political activist, and elementary school "teacher" with nearly 20,000 followers, many of whom regularly engage in toxic behavior toward conservatives and people he calls "The Dumdum...
  2. Gamercat


    status update: im gay Reactions:slanus 🍑💨: we know 39 minutes ago slanus: j666 confirmed lesbean, sig was right all along Reactions:view 39 minutes ago j666: i wonder if i should go into kiwi chat and tell everyone Sig and J are fighting 38 minutes ago j666: community infighting...
  3. Blaine Gaven Ross

    What is It's the wacky wasteland of the west. Only on will you hear about how Lowtax was secretly murdered by another dead site over his misunderstanding of the deal with the devil long ago.
  4. Nichigetsu-Ohanjin

    Internet Figure - Forum Drama CommieBentDuckGirl

    They won't give up that Kiwi clickbait, at the end you can see when she catches on that I'm in their chat. They responds to my talking about DMT and mushrooms, though frankly I was trying to warn others AWAY from trying those things. He's promoting them in a stream, which I mean, good for...
  5. Sailfish

    New Subforums

    I am going to dress up the forum and break down the People of Interest Forum into groups that are more entertaining and give this more of a "kiwilike feel" to it. I also want to skim through Twitter and see what cows we can dig up. If this works, I think the political cows will fit in nicely.
  6. Chairman Miaozer

    Grifters Praetor LLC - A group of grifting teenagers stealing money from Chris Chan.

    Compared to the Idea Guys, the group calling itself "Praetor" has gained some attention for being Chris Chan's official vendor of his famous Sonichu Medallions, along with being allegedly responsible for nearly having Chris stun gunning himself with a Taser. Caden Peck, an 18 year old man...
  7. Imageboards- funny screenshots of anons and anonettes

    What are imageboards? Imageboards are usually anonymous online spaces for a group of people to talk about any topics and mainly to post images on the boards, hence the name imageboard. Before imageboards, there were similar anonymous online spaces called textboards, which are like imageboards...
  8. {o}P II

    r/traaaaaans and related

  9. Sailfish

    French Article on the Phenomenon of Trolling Lolcows

    Very interesting article on the phenomena of trolling lolcows. It mentions Christian Weston Chandler and Kiwifarms: