French Article on the Phenomenon of Trolling Lolcows


May 22, 2020
There's no English version ? Thank god for Google Translate. 8)

"The 1001 cows farm
"The name Kiwi Farms comes from several lolcows who couldn't pronounce" CWCki Forums "(Quicky Forums)," says Null, the site administrator. They ended up saying Kiwi Forum or Kiwi Farms. The forum claims almost 45,000 members. Several digital subcultures known for their high content in bickering and strong personalities have their own subcategory on the site: furries, fans of Japanese culture, homosexuals, Tumblr users ... Other subcategories honor the already recognized lolcows: Christian Chandler, therefore, but also the transgender politician Brianna Wu and the youtuber DarkSydePhil."


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