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Dec 10, 2019
Welcome to the Onionfarms - the gossip and drama forum currently under development. Before we go any further, let me explain a little bit about Onionfarms as well as the house rules so it is an enjoyable experience for everybody.

Onionfarms is a forum that covers current news stories, as well as gossip and drama concerning celebrities, eccentric people and political affairs of countries and politicians. Our purpose is to provide a relaxed, entertaining and informative forum that people will want to come back to over and over again. Please read the House Rules to get familiar with the atmosphere here.
  1. The administrator reserves the right to make changes at any time with or without notice that he considers to be in the best interests of the forum
  2. Don’t post or link to any content that is illegal under United States law. Do not advocate activity that is illegal such as rioting, planning to physically harm someone, illegal drug use or sexual activity with an underage person.
  3. Keep it civil. Refrain from personal attacks against other members. Debating, agreeing/disagreeing about the topics is okay. Attacking each other personally is not. No bullying, trolling, or mobbing other members. Flame posting (intentionally posting inflammatory comments to get others riled up) is prohibited. If you have a dispute with someone talk with them privately.
  4. Because of the nature of the subject matter on the board (i.e. news, politics, current events, people of interest, differences of opinion are normal and expected. As long as you are civil here, you are welcome (regardless of where you are on the political spectrum). If for example you agree with the Black Lives Matter Movement that is fine. If you disagree with the Black Lives Matter Movement that is fine. If you find someone’s viewpoints offensive, put them on ignore.
  5. Do not use Onionfarms as your personal army against someone because of their personal beliefs. Do not threaten to “out” or expose someone because their viewpoints differ from yours.
  6. Do not advocate violence against another member or person of interest because of their race, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation, political opinion, etc. (Please note, this refers to a direct threat of violence that would not be constitutionally protected).
  7. Do not advocate mobbing or bullying a member outside the forum because you disagree.
  8. You may post material that is specifically intended for the general public such as media sites, public Facebook pages, tweets, Tumblr posts and so forth. However, be sure to have a link back to the source. Gossip from fan sites such as is also okay.
  9. People of interest are subjects for discussion and speculation. This is our little coffee klatch (internet lunch and gossip table) nothing more nothing less.
  10. Do not post the personal dox of anyone (regardless of them being a member or a person of interest). No personal residence addresses, no phone numbers, or pictures of their houses or list their place of employment unless it is a matter of public record that has been reported in the media.
  11. Official dox such as an official contact address publicly listed or the address of an official fan club club or public social media pages such as a public Facebook page can be listed freely.
  12. Do not register an account that is intended to impersonate staff, another member or a person of interest being discussed on the forum.
  13. Do not start threads on family members, friends or associates of public figures unless there directly involved in the drama and there is a compelling public interest in doing so.
  14. Do not register unless you are at least 18 years of age or older. If you already registered before this revision and you are under 18, please let me know and I will delete your account without prejudice.
  15. One account per person is allowed. If you made multiple accounts before this revision, I will merge them together without prejudice. Do not use multiple accounts to ban evade, or you will risk a longer ban. If you feel you were unfairly banned, talk to staff about the possibility of being let back in.
  16. Do not rant about how you wish to inflict bodily harm on a person of interest or make exaggerated rants on how wicked and evil they are (A-Logging)
  17. Do not engage in a harassment or a brigading campaign against a person of interest. You are not their gatekeeper regarding their education, social life, choice of occupation and so forth. The best quality content is gained by quietly observing from a distance and letting them play out their social games. If a person of interest wants to register and participate, that person is welcome to do so.
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