Primary Central Figure or Group of Figures to Build Onionfarms Around


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Dec 10, 2019
We need a primary central figure or figures to build the forum around. I would recommend a small group of people from the celebritysphere with strong lolcow traits and from the Cowsphere as well. They should have three outstanding qualities: First: They need a significantly large following on social media. Second: They need a crossover with a lot of other people of interest. Third they need a strong lolcow personality. I would recommend this primary group be composed of 3 to 5 people so we always have a continuous supply of milk as well as enough variety to keep the content fresh and interesting. Kiwifarms was successful because it was originally built around Chris Chan. Now there are five figures in "Lolcow Cults" and one figure on "Lolcow Farms". Any ideas on who would fit the bill would be welcome.
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Blaine Gaven Ross

annoying skitzo pedo groomer troon
I mean you have that already we are just posting the milk from your cows elsewhere. Sucks to suck Kenny.
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