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Lolcow LLC West Virginia Secretary of State

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt

Global Administrator
I did some checking on Lolcow LLC with the West Virginia Secretary of State. Lolcow LLC is registered as a domestic corporation which basically means it was formed in WV and does business in WV as compared to a foreign corporation which may do business in WV but was originally formed in another state. Here is the link:

West Virginia LLC Here is the paperwork to fill out:

Lolcow LLC WV1.jpg

Lolcow LLC WV3.jpg

I also did a little checking on his personal address that he lists: It is a mailbox service just outside of Rapid City, SD.
This mailing service was designed to be traveler friendly and to make it easy for someone to legally acquire South Dakota residency

South Dakota is a very tax friendly state: There is no income tax and it is one of the lease expensive states when it comes to auto insurance:

More information on their services such as drivers license, SD legal residency and so forth. There has been some speculation on whether Josh has moved back to the United States. Has he settled down in SD? I don't know but this would seem to indicate that he might have some interest in doing so.

Lolcow LLC WV4.jpg

Lolcow LLC WV5.jpg