Onion Bulb (Public Figure) - Cowsphere Frauditor Wrangler / Micheal Kiser / Leader of the "rough necks" / Stolen Valor, serial felon, suspect in a murder investigation, liar, supported by his brainedwashed audience called Rough Necks.

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Frauditor Wrangler (real name Micheal Kiser) is an American youtuber who makes videos in the anti auditor sphere. The anti auditor sphere are a community dedicated to critiquing, debunking, and insulting those who call themselves first amendment auditors (who film in government spaces as they claim its their first amendment right). He has since been chastised by much of the community for his various felonies including a capital murder charge (which was dropped) and stolen valour. Micheal Kiser introduction into the anti auditor scene was when he was invited on as a panel member on Frauditor Troll's (a prominent anti auditor youtuber) livestreams. He presented as a veteran and used his status to talk about the veteran status of auditor youtuber, Georgie Transparency. Frauditor Troll and Wrangler accused Georgia Transparency of lying about his veteran status, this was later found to false and GT served in the military.


Micheal Kiser has a vast criminal history stretching years back. In his words he was guilty of various property crimes. Kiser’s criminal history in Alabama alone includes a felony conviction in 2012 for second degree receiving stolen property in Alabama, two 2012 felony convictions for second degree theft of property, a 2016 felony conviction for third degree burglary. He is currently dealing with five pending felony property crime charges.



Micheal Kiser has made many claims about his service. Here are his actual service records to preface. He claimed to have earned 2 purple hearts in 3 deployments, shot twice wounded combat vet, has frag in his back, his Humvee was hit by an RPG and broke his leg which he walked on for 3 weeks, it's all BS and his DD214's prove it. MSG Retired pulled his DD214's, he was in boot camp twice once regular army, once in the Army National Guard and both times he FAILED basic training. He claims his discharge was Honorable/Medical but really it was "Uncharacterized" because he did not complete basic training either time. He has collected money from these stories convincing his followers that he is some kind of war hero and tells his viewers that he donates monthly to Veteran charities yet he has never shown one receipt. He has told many other stories as well, that he owns 2 houses on the same street, has a daughter which he bought a Husky pup, wears tailored suits, has a law degree from University of Texas, claims that he has a college education in criminal justice and psychology, ALL LIES!!! Michael Kiser is nothing but a criminal pillbilly!




The Murderer
In 2009 a real veteran, Donald Cameron, of Ohatchee was killed by a firearm. Michael Kiser was indicted for these crimes. Kiser was known to Donald because Donald lived next door to Kiser’s godfather.


The Drug Addict
Micheal Kiser was addicted to pain killers and used meth. Here is a video where he talks about it. There are some inconsistencies with the story he tells here with other things he has said, but he has been consistent that he was a drug addict.

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Where does he live?
In Alabama he was confirmed to live in the town of Ohatchee AL in Calhoun County. This may be outdated, but he still is likely somewhere in Alabama.