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Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt

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What Agenda Does Donald Trump have if reelected? Quite frankly some of this has revenge with a capital R written all over it. Right now, he is dominating the race for Republican nomination and we should honestly ask if him getting into office is in the best interests of the country:

Dismantling the “Deep State”

Reissue a 2020 executive order known as Schedule F. This would reclassify protected civil service employees estimated from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to a much closer classification of “employment at will”. He specifically wants to go after “corrupt bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system” and “corrupt actors in our national security and intelligence apparatus”. Given his public anger at the criminal cases against him, it would seem reasonable that he would have his eye on those federal prosecutors and FBI that have been pursuing ongoing criminal charges against him. In addition, he wants to punish government officials who leak to the press and require federal employees pass a new civil service test.

In short, this could lead to an entrenched bureaucracy that could seriously weaken meritocracy and replace it with political loyalty to Trump.

The US – Mexico Border

He has pledged to “immediately stop the invasion of our southern border” and end illegal immigration. He would immediately direct U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement to put into motion the largest domestic deportation in US history. Personally I agree something should be done about the flood of migrants on the Southern Border but we are going about this the wrong way.

Rather than flooding our country with busloads of migrants, I propose that we should have some kind of an entrepreneur zone in Mexico that would serve as an economic stimulus for job growth. In addition, there would need to be an emphasis on building the infrastructure in this entrepreneur zone so the migrants would have a place to go in regards for basic needs like food and shelter and perhaps seek Mexican citizenship.

In order to reinforce the security at the border, he wants to reassign thousands of troops who are serving overseas and federal agents such as those working for the DEA and FBI to shift towards immigration enforcement. He wants to build more of the border wall.

Didn’t he say that when he was first elected that he would “build the wall”? Has the wall been built? Well kind of: It’s really expensive per square mile to build the kind of wall he wants and this is a border that covers 1954 miles over land.

Trump wants to reimpose his travel ban on the original seven Muslim majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) and expand it. In this regard, I would partially agree. Iran of course is stridently anti-American, however we have invested heavily in Iraq (in both treasure and expertise) as a crucial partner in the fight against ISIS. Iraq has to deal with the Shia militias (many of them aligned with Iran) in its borders. Moreover, Iran and Iraq have been deepening their relations with each other.

We also help finance Somalia’s military as well as an African union peacekeeping force in its battle against al-Shabaab insurgents which is one of the deadliest terrorist organizations on the African continent.

Sudan was one of the countries that agreed to normalize relations with Israel in the Abraham accords. For some reason Sudan is very quiet on the Israel – Hamas conflict.

Libya: We are in the process of trying to deepen our relations with Libya. We are cordial with them, a travel ban would shut a window of opportunity (even it is a very small one).

Syria and Yemen: If there is any travel ban to be applied, these two countries out of the seven are probably most deserving of it.

In the wake of the Hamas attack on Israel, he has pledged to put in place “ideological screening” for immigrants. His aim: bar “dangerous lunatics, haters, bigots, and maniacs,” as well as those who “empathize with radical Islamic terrorists and extremists.”

I would like to know more about what he means by “dangerous lunatics and haters, and bigots and maniacs” because basically he is using very inflammatory rhetoric against his favorite adversaries (the Democrats).

I will end here and start the second part tomorrow



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Hellovan Onion
For some reason Sudan is very quiet on the Israel – Hamas conflict.
Because they know supporting either side has its consequences and silence would serve them better. They've fucked around and found out before, they won't repeat that mistake by outwardly pledging loyalty to either side.

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Hellovan Onion
the problem for Trump is that he's incompetent. this was his agenda in 2016 and look how bad he was at that. I get there was a lot of obstruction going on but the fact is that he failed the first time.