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The Last Resource Thread You'll Ever Need

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It's come to my attention that not only are the resource threads not being utilized, they're also scattered across the site, some even inaccessible, being linked to in other posts, or else lost altogether, and therefore this thread will consolidate all of the information you will need if you plan to bring content to the site, if you plan to post on the site, and link to other useful tools to generally make your internet experience safer, more secure, and more anonymous.



Archival Tools:

Lolcows, content creators, and people of general interest to the site have a terrible habit of deleting fucking everything once they realize they've been made the subject of a thread. Our site (and others like it) cannot exist without content, and that content comes directly from the cows we follow. Without their insanity, without their public meltdowns, without their embarrassing moments captured in real time we would have nothing to laugh at, and even the most hopeless of lolcows has the occasional moment of clarity where they take stock of their surroundings and attempt to bury the shameful behavior of their past which is why we archive fucking everything

Let me say that again.


Not only is it an issue when a cow deletes their content and we end up with dead links on the site, it's also an eyesore to see "This video is age restricted" in the middle of a thread because someone directly linked to the video instead of ripping it down and reuploading it here.

Archival Sites:

Video Download Sites:

Youtube 2:
Youtube 3:
Youtube 4: (For age restricted videos)
Instagram 2:
Instagram 3:
Tiktok 2:

For downloading videos from sites that either don't have a dedicated site for ripping videos and/or sites that attempt to block you from right clicking videos you can usually find the mp4 file by inspecting element and/or opening the browser console and looking for it, you can then usually open the raw video in a new tab and right-click -> save as. This works for sites like bitchute and others.

An alternative method for downloading images / videos from instagram is to open the photo / video in full size by pasting "media/?size=l" at the end of the URL then right click and save the image.

Archival Tools:

Discord Chat Exporter:
Bulk Youtube Downloader:

Screenshot tools:
Chromium Based Browsers:
Firefox Based Browsers: Built in tool.

File Ditching Sites:

The file size for uploads is capped at 102MB by our host. For all files larger than this please utilize one of the following:

For files up to 15gb:
For files up to 20gb:
For files up to 200mb:

Please note that only Fileditch claims to keep files forever, so it is the preferred option when trying to preserve something for the site.



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Protecting Yourself Online:



Firefox Based Browsers:


HTTPS Everywhere:
Privacy Badger:
Privacy Possum:
Ublock Origin:

Chromium Based Browsers:


Privacy Badger:
Ublock Origin:
HTTPS Everywhere:

Other Browsers and Extensions:




Youtube Downloader:
Login Popup Remover:
Anti-Ad-Blocker Killer:
Instagram Download Button:

Test your privacy:

Other Privacy Tools:

EXIF Data Stripper:
EXIF Data Editor:
EXIF/Meta Data Cleaner:

General Advice For Staying Safe:

Trust No One:

While it should go without saying, this is one piece of advice I see the most people needing to hear. Don't fucking trust ANYONE from the internet.

I won't go as far as to completely discourage making friends and having fun with people on the internet because the whole point to all of this is to be entertained and laugh and just like sex, it's way more fun to do it with other people than alone. That being said, keep in mind that internet friendships are fleeting and you might hang out with a group of people for months only to have some miniscule disagreement start an avalanche that leads to you getting doxed and/or fucked with. You should never get so familiar with people that you're willing to compromise your identity by sending pictures of your house, your pets, your stuff, or yourself. The curse of the doxhound is real and I've seen multiple people doxed with a few simple pictures of their dogs being sent around to people they thought they were friends with. 99.99% of the time it's not worth it.

Familiarity breeds contempt. Just enjoy the internet. No one cares about your real life anyway.

Naming Conventions:

This has become especially relevant lately. Don't use your real name on the internet. There have been at least 2 dozen users who have signed up to our site using their real names as their usernames. Don't do this.
Similarly. Don't use any username you've used previously on the internet if your real life identity is linked to it. Be smart.

Throwaway Emails and Email Services:

The above advice goes double for joining different communities to look for content, never use a username you've used elsewhere on the internet, or an account that links back to your Onionfarms account, or a username that links back to your real identity; similarly never use an email address you've previously used to register to other sites to register to a site for the purposes of gathering content. Always use a throwaway email or a fresh protonmail and a VPN

Don't Make Enemies If You Don't Want Enemies:

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!
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