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Jan 3, 2021
KiwiFarms user CrazyAsHell real name Tami J Hess joined KiwiFarms in 2019 to Alog (being overly cruel, with a need to post how she is better). Dana Marie Cain the two worked together at some point. This seems to be one of the very few things the two agree on, recently the ever erratic CrazyAsHell tipped their hand and revealed their identity in a thread filled with people who enjoy documenting cows as well as posting others' info for a reaction or out of sheer boredom.

On top of CrazyAsHell's unhinged posts on site, they have been active on Youtube as Tami J Hess(https://archive.ph/lnsJ5) and as with her KiwiFarms account, her entire channel is devoted to Dana one video after another.
(This is retarded since if you feel the need to point by point refute a lolcow and their logic you yourself might be a cow).
Now the manic edits by CrazyAsHell the refutations along with admissions of having worked side by side with Dana in the past in and of itself might've raised little to no suspicion yet Tami J Hess age 55 years old felt the need to create a KiwiFarms account under her legal name(a). Over the weekend KiwiFarms user CrazyAsHell stated they would help Tami make an account on KiwiFarms.
Instead of the Tami J Hess account, CrazyAsHell had this to say coincidentally at the same time Tami J Hess made her first of many streams on Youtube about Dana (https://archive.ph/0Mu1L).

In Tamis' most recent live stream she slipped up and contradicts herself left right and center spilling spaghetti everywhere amidst her live stream update on Dana even claimed to know KiwiFarms mods; what follows is a transcript + timestamps (https://archive.ph/ZH4xY).
2:24 "I have never commented on that site". Tami said in response to Krystal Roberts.
2:55 "I don't know what the hell a sock is!" Tami said in response to the archivist saying "lol your sock got outed".
3:02 "And, no it didn't". Tami continued
3:05 "I know a few mods there". Tami panics and carries on
3:10 "All of the whole a mod says this is you" continued
3:32 "And, yeah I can say I know mods".
Ends with Happy Mother's Day. L + A
:story: :story: :story: :story: :story: :story: :story: :story: :story: :story:

Other videos by Tami about Dana. channel here (archive 1, 2)
Tamis' first live stream (https://archive.ph/0Mu1L)
video link (https://archive.ph/rNF4Y)
The truth about Dana Marie Cain (https://archive.ph/31Tt5)
Truth and common sense (https://archive.ph/812cS)

Contacts & dox:
CrazyAsHell KiwiFarms account (https://archive.ph/H6eMq)
Tami Hess KiwiFarms account (https://archive.ph/QLFRz)
dox here
another dox (https://archive.ph/OMICR)
yet another dox.
Confirmed and archived dox.


Nov 9, 2021
Did you find her profile on the spanking fetish forum?

imageboard user

Apr 8, 2022

Dunno if this belongs in this thread or not but it's pretty gay.

Wait... is Tami speaking in the third person or am I retarded.

Königin Erika

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Nov 2, 2021
Great Lakes Area
But the OP says Tami = CAH
I could totally still be wrong but my pet theory is CAH tells Tami she's a mod on KF, speech to typing feels a bit too different for me to fully jump aboard until there's a solid tie.

I think it's a good OP for the mystery of it as so far there's enough there for it to smell. Even if they're different people it's still people really getting involved and personal armying a cow.(Makes it funnier imo too as then if CAH is doxed we can edit them as a witches coven)

a t o m i z e d

"He who laughs last, laughs best."
Super Moderator
Jan 3, 2021
I archived those videos Tami, Ms "I know mods on KF"

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