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Polack Hate

Gaylord Socker

Giver of willies
Baby Onion
Polacks are scum
>thinks they're more important than they actually are
>would get their asses handed to them in a war without help from the U.S
>in complete denial about being a vassal state
Poles look exactly like Jews and (((genealogy websites))) are covering up the connection. The Polish "ethnicity" is clearly a myth. gegerino.gif
>injects itself into the ukraine war so america will give them gibs to "train" ukrainian soldiers
>catholic shithole
>every degenerate online that claims to be slavic turns out to be a polack (barely slavic)
>not even east
>has a "chief rabbi"
>refuses to shutdown the manufactured holohoax camps
>somehow this is """based"""
>Poles are so dumb that the GDP of Poland would be negative if only useful output was taken into account.
@Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt pin this so we can rid the earth of the Poolack blight.590.jpg

Cavalier Cipolla

Onion Knight...on Onionfarms!
Baby Onion
Czy ty jesteś rosijską kurwą albo 56% Amerimuttem?

Poland is also about to overtake Britbongistan in purchasing power.

Crimson Fucker

An Onion Among Onions
Is this a Jojo reference?
download (4).jpeg