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please be patient i have autism
Hellovan Onion
>You must properly flag your posts with a /s!!!! :soy:
I wasn't even fucking talking to you, you braindead subhuman. Mind your business.
>No! I'm a retarded little niglet who came to this country illegally and lives off demonrat tax gibs! I don't know how to respect private property
Ah. That explains it. I'm reporting your post to the FBI, the ICE truck should be at your house shortly.
If this isn't a bit then I feel bad for you son because it's indistinguishable from a null sock.

If it is a bit then I feel bad for you because it's not really funny.


Hellovan Onion
Dyn writes demon rape porn.

Crimson Fucker

Hellovan Onion
if this isn't pure delusion then idk what is
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now keep in mind, there's nothing wrong about laughing at flurries & other degenerates when they suffer misfortune
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but when you start connecting them to your le evil boogeyman that are calling for kiwifarms shutdown hurr durr then that's when you need to touch grass
Yeah it's pretty stupid. Sure there are a lot of trannies and furries in tech but that's like saying there are a lot of jews in banking. It's not some global conspiracy it's just people being pushed to professions they work better in over time. Furries are socially awkward and typically have more online presence than popularity offline. Correlation is not really causation. People get cancelled for anything these days too so it isn't just specific towards defending furries.
I really don't get what's so wrong about diaperfurs and why they're hated. all I know is they're degenerates and spread their degeneracy everywhere. maybe cp is why they're hated?

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motherfucker couldn't spell right and yet he's acting so high :story: .


you retards.
reminder that these are the same people who will berate you for your english grammar
Diaperfur is basically ageplay and is just as bad when non furries do it. One fantasizes about being molested and the other about doing the molesting. Think pamperchu who digs up used children's diapers from dumpsters and grills them on a BBQ to wear them. It often comes with a piss and scat play fetish. The art is usually a child persona so people count it as drawn cp.


Josh Moon is Lucas Werner with a shinier soapbox.
Hellovan Onion

You know what else is autistic?

- Lack of "theory of mind": thinking all of a "community" are alike, and that "collective punishment" mentality - BS like "degeneracy," "AWALT," etc, etc.
- Trouble telling fiction from IRL: BS like "the author is clearly anti-something and I don't like it" or "women have unrealistic standards about male characters".
- Rigidly categorizing subjects, like the thinking that leads to BS like the "everything I don't like is (a) tranny" or "anti-white/Christian/etc".
- Behavior like "stimming", like the need for having a "hugbox" after exposure to the "Prickly-Wicklies" of the "woke". (case in point, MrJokerRager and friends all fleeing from HHH with Secret Asshole backing 'em up)
- Difficulty with subtlety: notice how rightoids can be compelled to advertise identity loudly all the time - like with "gamer words"?
- Excessive stilted and awkward speech: "newspeak" like "cuck", "-pill", and "-fag".
- Overthinking simple concepts, like how many different kinds of people and "degenerates" rightoids can think there are.
- Intense fixation on identity politics like it's an autistic "special interest": "everything is political". (need I say more?)
- Lack of a sense of humor: rightoids can be easily offended, and of course there's the "this is pandering".
- Sensory issues: is there anything that's never "woke"?

@Dindu Nuffin They really are full of ugliness. Rules for thee, not for me. Projection, projection, projection.


Josh Moon is Lucas Werner with a shinier soapbox.
Hellovan Onion

But I'd be willing to bet he'd get offended if we ask folks like him to provide proof they're not just NEET faggots pretending to have "careers" and "houses" and "families."

Like that Joseph Stalin guy who says he's a literal boomer. Grandkids and everything. Yet he somehow stumbled upon Kiwi Farms.

So, yeah, he has a point, and chances are, he's probably right, but let's be real, you could make the same point about everyone on Kiwi Farms.

"Hey, hey, everybody, my name is trannyhater666 and I'm a straight white male with a tradwaifu and five definitely heterosexual kids living the dream..."