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Stop Socking Gaylord

So bright, you can see me from space
SpergCage Resident
sockholm syndrome
Killer username. Yoinked.
glowie has been shitting on you this whole time and you still lick his ass?
Lol bro, we don't know each other. But you're a total freak who makes shit like this and I'm proud I did what he hasn't been able to for months

Hopefully I get a footnote in his OP, even if he calls me a fag

universe adventurer

explorer of the unknown, vast universe
Hellovan Onion
How about them kiwis tho hey.
nah, since times 4 faggot here won't shut the fuck up about his schizo fantasies, I might as well have fun with his retardation.

Helping him bully you doesn't mean I'm defending him. It just means I'm bored I can't sleep and I'm messing with someone who's extremely reactionary.

when the coping is so obvious that everyone can see it from a mile away.

Worse, we're both Glowie apparently
where have i ever said that? holy shit, you are such faggot lmao. you couldn't even argue without resorting to making shit up.

Anne Hathaway Fan

I put the "F U" in "forums"
Hellovan Onion
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when the coping is so obvious that everyone can see it from a mile away.
Whatever you say, bud 😂

EDIT: the irony of being accused of being someone's sock account. That's the exact same excuse pedofag used to kick me off KF after I made fun of him.

I don't sock, dude. Search Anne Hathaway Fan online. It's usually the goofy name I use for everything.