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Public Figure - Netsphere Katelyn Rose

Public figures in internet culture that do not rise to the level of a celebrity.


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Wonder if it's being posted to tumblr

The vent is deep, probably so
She is so pretencious. Ofcourse working is going to wear you out, that's like one of the points of it. Not defending killing yourself for a paycheck, I think a lot of people deserve some slack and paid vacations no matter what you do, that shit does wear you out but it's like she is coming off as like she's the only one. Whatever fast food place was, I get that but fast food isn't the only place to work for a female, there is other alternatives and she doesn't have it bad as other women to because I see single moms working pay to pay with kids because the dad is a chump and left them & her. So she does need to shut the fuck up, get whatever help she needs and get on with it instead of dedicating whatever energy she has into posting this same excuse after excuse bullshit.

she worked at wendys and told me the reason she quite was because some guy was hitting on her over the headset.


Rose Allegedly Had an Inappropriate Relationship with A 16-Year-Old Girl

Meet abby (fake name for her privacy)

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16 Years Old at the time of the first server while Rose was 22 - 24. One of Roses' ex-mods I ran into while going through friends of friends used to moderate the first server before it was wiped but did not have access to any chat logs showing roleplay of a sexual nature with this underage girl.

But he did conversate in a chat within the server with this girl and other mods because the girl was more or less a pet of roses. She had a sassy, deceiving & edgy personality and would share with others how she lived in a dysfunctional family with her father not around. Not only that, but abby would hint at the fact Rose & her would be in private messages doing cuddling & sexual roleplay and she would refer to Rose as mommy in voice calls within the server.

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Above are some artworks she did that the mod did find by going back to fan archives of Rose in a burner server that Rose did not delete.
abby was also into nazism and would also draw nazi pictures in her sketches that she did not post to her twitter which I was given. I have access to her whole page that is no longer active because she ghosted Rose after Rose threatened to revenge porn nudes that abby was sending but this is alleged and not confirmed. If Rose did get nudes from this underage girl, this is literal possession of child pornography. It was also mentioned that it was because dove had bipolar and would go on suicide-baiting sprees in the first server.

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I actually found art from her twitter page with her first & last name on it and looked her up and her last activity was one year ago on a facebook account. I guess she forgot her art had her personal info on her but Rose was probably dumb and didn't see it.
what the fuck


Baby Onion
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Baby Onion
says the one who groomed a 16 year old girl
revenge porn on a special ed teacher because her tits were bigger and tried to get her fired
bought that necklace from a rapists
made fun of a sexual assualt victim

i don't think anyone will have to hurt her to get revenge
also what's up with the boyfriend? what's up with the dog?
her boyfriend is doing a terrible job if she is posting shit like this. he must be just getting that ass and walking out the door. even if it was for a fuck and come again later like a hook up app, why would you stick your dick in her.


Baby Onion

44% of females in the US have some kind of heart problem.
sleep deprivation can lead to heart issues.
only 35% of people diagnosed with heart problems survive the first 10 years.
about 1 in 17 20-year-olds up are going to have artery disease
drinking energy drinks constantly only increases the chance
when she stops posting, you will know

Pepsi Man

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>Caffeine overdose
Marge is that even possible? I've had 8 Monster Energies in the span of a few minutes and aside from the jitters I was fine. I think she's trying to garner sympathy points from having "Le heckin' addiction" not as if she isn't always trying to get sympathy points but still thoughbeit
<Reddit space
Xe looks so 'jakkable in that photo I think I'm gonna do it
<2nd Svvtist mandated Reddit Space
i don't think anyone will have to hurt her to get revenge
also what's up with the boyfriend? what's up with the dog?
her boyfriend is doing a terrible job if she is posting shit like this. he must be just getting that ass and walking out the door. even if it was for a fuck and come again later like a hook up app, why would you stick your dick in her.
Yea sticking your dick into her is like sticking your dick into a rusty can, it is NOT something you want to do, her bf is either really really desperate or just as fucked up

Pepsi Man

Savior of PepsiLand
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seething feraljak toothless.png



Baby Onion
come to think of it, @summers
the same girl who was groomed by Rose had something interesting to say about the whole girl vs. girl thing which undoubtedly Rose loves to play.
Building Others (girls).PNG

Many times, she has become self-aware of pushing others away, especially females but then likes to mix in being the victim and starts to blame them for being judgmental about the fact she isn't a normie and that there are issues you wouldn't come close to understanding.
What are we supposed to do? Sit around her little campfire and hear her tell the same stories over & over again. Fuck that. She is a danger to others. Her group of friends must be unaware, stay ignorant, excuse her actions for "depression" or sit in the same boat with her because only a narcissist will sit next to another.
It makes you wonder if these people would try to cover up her pedophile behavior. But if you have a problem with it, she's just living rent-free in your head, you're the problem. You are against kids being groomed? You're the problem. Are you against animals being neglected? You're the problem. That's Rose all day, every day. So please for any people out there just now discovering this evil bitch, her whole "oh I'll get better" is bullshit. She plays that card way more than even Cyraxx and we all know (if you are familiar with that goblin) how much of a piece of shit even he is.


Baby Onion

A genuine person trying to give advice gets ignored. Rose, what is the point of complaining about life or impulsively making statements when the advice that comes your way gets ignored by you?

Profile Banner.PNG

Also, I guess she thinks she's Patrick Bateman now or is trying to appeal to the more edgy men. She tries so hard to be something she is not for brownie points, so sad but funny.