1. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update The Fatal Shooting of 7 Year Old Tataw Brandy by a Police Officer in Bamenda
  2. Sailfish

    General Public Figure Shing Timothy (Journalist - Guardian Post Newspaper in SW Region of Cameroon)

    Website: Organizational Website: Twitter: WordPress Blog:
  3. Sailfish

    Opinion/Blog A Black “La Blanche” in Cameroon

    Are African-Americans seen as "white" culturally in Cameroon?
  4. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update Martin Camus Mimb Cameroon Journalist in Sex Scandal

    Par Score Beethoven — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 4.0, His Wiki Page: His Instagram: News articles...
  5. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update News Articles and Updates on Cameroon Secession Crisis

    Prime Minister's visit to Western Cameroon disrupted by gunshots from armed separatists Cameroon Gendarme fatally lynched after fatally shooting 5 year old girl...
  6. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update News Articles and Updates on Covidgate (Scandal -Mismanagement of Covid Funds)

    Conflict between the Prime Minister and the Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the presidency’s secretary-general on accusations of mismanagement of Covid19 funds. Not the first time they have butted heads
  7. Sailfish

    Cameroon Government Joseph Dion Ngute -Cameroon Prime Minister

    Residence: Yaounde, Cameroon Wikipedia Article: Website: Twitter: Linked-In: Personal Facebook (Not Verified)...
  8. Sailfish

    Opinion/Blog Videos of Cameroon

    Auto Tour Through Yaounde (Cameroon's National Capital) History of Cameroon 10 Interesting Facts About Cameroon
  9. Sailfish

    Cameroon Government Paul Biya - President of Cameroon

    Photo Taken 2014 Born: february 13, 1933 (88 Years Old) Birthplace: Mvomeka'a (Formerly French Cameroon) Wikipedia Biography: Official Website: Official Facebook: Official Twitter...
  10. DANK MEMES 420

    Opinion/Blog Cameroon question:

    Does anyone know what the capitol of Camaroon is?
  11. Sailfish

    Wikipedia Factual The Fisherman's Diary - Official Trailer (Cameroon Film)

    The Fisherman's Diary is a 2020 Cameroonian drama film directed by Enah Johnscot. The film premiered at the 2020 I Will Tell International Film Festival. It was selected as the Cameroonian entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards, but it was not nominated. The...
  12. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update Cameroon's Albinos Ask for Greater Attention and Care June 13: International Albinism Awareness Day Ending the murderous racism against Albinos in Africa...
  13. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update Cameroon and Nigeria Separatists Are Joining Forces

    Okay, a little history background on this. From July 6 1967 to January 15,1970 Nigeria had been in a civil war with the breakaway state of Biafra known as the Nigeria - Biafra War. While the federal government won the war, it has never extinguished long held resentments going back decades by the...
  14. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update Jail Time for Two Transgender Women in Cameroon Charged with "Attempted Homosexuality": May face up to 5 years

    If you think you have it rough in the good ole USA: Two transgender women facing charges of “attempted homosexuality” in a high profile case in Cameroon will spend more than two months behind bars without trial after a judge postponed their hearing again on Monday. Rights groups have...
  15. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update President Paul Biya wants Octogenarians to Top Positions in Government

    88 Year old President Paul Biya has ordered that his party-dominated upper and lower houses of Parliment reelect officials who are over 80 years old to top positions
  16. Sailfish

    Cameroon News update Anglophone/Francophone Clash in Cameroon

    Cameroon is officially a bilingual country with both English and French official languages. However the vast majority of the population (80%) are Francophone (i.e. speak French). The English speaking zone in the Northwest and Southwest regions have long felt discriminated against by the French...

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