1. Sargon of Black Dad

    Trainwreck Zachary "Zach" Keith Hasbrouck / Zachy-Chan / emmastonecantact / The Half-blooded Prince - Insane hapa autist cucked by Harvey Weinstein

    Zachary Keith Hasbrouck is a insane hapa obsessed with defending the honor of his queen, Emma "Flopson" Watson, and defending the worst director in an already desolate movie landscape, Rian Johnson. Normally you'd think that he little more than a simp for some used-up Harvey Weinstein cumrag...
  2. Gamercat

    Community Watch Soyjak.party

    Soyjak.party (AKA the sharty) is an online imageboard dedicated towards development of the soyical arts (soy duels, soy quotes, soy spam) ETC. Despite being a fun place to post soys and act like an unhinged schizo it has faced a myraid of issues, mainly CP spam from discord faggots like...

    KiwiFarms Joshua Conner "Null" Moon

    It was less of a trolling plan and more of a spur of the moment decision. >implying I used a sock for this >implying I don't have 93 active sock accounts on KF right now
  4. D

    Imageboards- funny screenshots of anons and anonettes

    What are imageboards? Imageboards are usually anonymous online spaces for a group of people to talk about any topics and mainly to post images on the boards, hence the name imageboard. Before imageboards, there were similar anonymous online spaces called textboards, which are like imageboards...