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About Us

About us

    What Onion Farms Is:

    Onion Farms is a gossip website primarily dedicated to archiving, discussing, and lampooning online personalities, content creators, and real life celebrities. We are a fun little community that is always looking to grow. Our emphasis is on fun, lighthearted mockery of some of the most insane, interesting, or otherwise eccentric individuals of the internet and real life public figures. Think of this site like a mix between TMZ and Jerry Springer with a dash of the old Barnum and Bailey freaks and geeks show or, in short, a comedy and entertainment forum.

    What Onion Farms is NOT:

    Onion Farms is not a doxbin. While many of our threads include doxes, doxes are not a requirement and they are certainly not the highlight of the threads. We are not a platform for your personal vendettas and we are not your personal army. While we adhere to free speech and the rights of individuals to say and do what they want on our site, this does not mean that we cannot determine the content we want to host and we are not interested in hosting the dox of some random person you got into an internet slapfight with unless there is something entertaining about the person. This is a lolcow website, this is not a website for people who call you a faggot over Call of Duty.

    Onion Farms is not your hugbox, Onion Farms is not your soapbox, Onion Farms is not your group therapy. We're here to laugh and have fun. If you encounter something on this site that upsets you, angers you, or causes you to feel the need to lash out, DON'T. Many lolcows are morally bankrupt degenerates whose behavior may shock, appall or disgust you. The correct response to these emotions is to step away from the computer or switch to another thread. The only person responsible for what you see on this site is you. If you have to prove that you're better than a lolcow then you're probably not; there are some truly sick people who are featured on this site, and that's why they're featured here. If you are easily offended, indignant, or morally self-righteous it may be best for you to avoid threads with the "Hororcow" tag altogether.

    Supporting the Site

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