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What shows are you watching currently. Either rewatching or new to you.


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An Onion Among Onions
And not to be "that guy", but is there something about being in the queer community that makes you better at surviving the Apocalypse? Apparently according to that show when the zombies come 80% of the new world is going to be lgbtq. It was distracting. There were more gays on that show than there were BLACK PEOPLE.
All the homosexual men were able to flee the cities first and escape. They were able to get a head start because their shit was already packed

Nektar Geist

An Onion Among Onions
S2 Ep13 Holiday at Hollow Rock

Kiwi Kitty

โ€œI never lied to you, Leese. You know why? Because it doesn't serve me.โ€
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decided to rewatch bojack horseman the other day. i wish i could forget having ever watched things like breaking bad, narcos, better call saul, longmire etc so i could get that feeling i got when i first watched them

Nektar Geist

An Onion Among Onions
It's one of the Betty and her unsuitable suitors eps. Second best Catwoman, btw. Still about, working since 1954. Ok...
In Maverick (also lined up for tonight). He's been brown bread for donkeys. And for the esoteric Jonesists...
The "Scrappy Doo" of the show. Not pushing up daisies (afaik).

nfn Barnaby Jones had above par musical scores. If you are into sampling.