Somaliland and Somalia Dispute


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I knew this would happen. The civil war in Somalia had its roots in the 1980s with the increasing unpopularity of Siad Barre's dictatorship. In 1991, the government was overthrown and the country plunged into civil war and effectively ceased to exist as a state. However, the northern part of the country seceeded in 1991 and declared itself the Republic of Somaliland separate from the rest of Somalia.

By Ali Zifan (vectorized map) - Derived from Module:Somali Civil War detailed map, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The capital city of Hargeisa does not host any embassies of UN member countries because it has never been officially recognized as a separate country but there are at least three consulates (Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Turkey).
To further complicate matters, there is an autonomous region of Somalia known as Puntland

Somaliland's long term goal is to be recognized as an independent country. However, Mogadishu doesn't see it that way and from what I am reading in news articles, they are doing what they can to prevent it:

Puntland has also entered the conflict accusing Mogadishu of provoking Somaliland.