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Should We Invite Russell Greer to Onionfarms?


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Invite barb
You guys already have the Anti-Chris here, I fail to see why we need anyone other than that.

Told y'all ILJ was a front and that wasn't my family.


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Reborn Rose

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I have sent out an invitation to Russell Greer to join. So let's see what happens.
Do Melinda next, let's assemble the lolcows that have gotten banned from Kiwifarms.

It's an easy way to get engagement from those who love to poke Tard cages and we can janny their shit easily enough. Anything off topic they post we can move to their subforums.

Just use the handling of me as a blueprint and maybe we can teach these lolcows with a gentle glove instead of the iron limp wristed fist of that sissy Null.