Horseshit Thread Rachel/Sourpuss Containment Thread

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Garbage racist threads get labeled with this.

Blaine Gaven Ross

Blaine Gaven Ross
TardCage Resident

See ya around folks, have fun!
(For those that are slow in the brain the first line in the meme applying to me is in reference to a Rachel sperg out and not my actual belief.)​
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I dox kids
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Apr 8, 2022
You keep getting banned from LCF; also no one cares if you leave or stay. It's cringe attention whoring to announce you're leaving.
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"Oh my god. It's all lemons! It always was!"
Apr 20, 2022
Like ex fucking scuse me you keep saying that I get banned/rejected from KF, LCF, whatever wherever else on a daily basis; but your sad leaky tranny ass was banned from OF 8 times, you've been banned from KF for a long time, and you keep getting banned from LCF. None of these websites want you here. You aren't poly, because nobody who wants you actually loves you, they just want to pump and dump. You will never have children. Just because you have your sperm frozen, doesn't mean any woman, surrogate or not, will want it in her hooha, especially given your genes have the proclivity to produce schizophrenic offspring JUST like you.

Every time you open your cum and shit filled mouth, you’re promptly told to shut the fuck up by everyone present because you’re nothing but an irredeemable, spineless pansy whose best bet is to take pot shots at exploited women, people who are secure in their gender identity, and people who can actually reproduce. At least with me, there’s “room for improvement” if I give in to the kiwis and the farmers and let them break me apart bit by bit until there’s not even a shell left, but they will never like you or be able to fix you unless you’re dead.

I hate to agree with Mike. I know his reputation and I don’t want anything to do with him. Now that he’s staff, I can’t block him and that sucks. But his point here is solid.
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