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Rekieta Adversary Perspickity @SpeckPer

An adversary of Nick Rekieta


Staff member
Global Administrator
Perspickity Twitter.jpg

His Twitter Channel: https://twitter.com/SpeckPer
Perspickity Twitter2.jpg
Perspickity Twitter3.jpg


cute & funny =
Staff member
Super Moderator
I am keeping the thread up. All this person did was shitpost and he hasn't been around since May.
whenever a new alt account would appear in perspicacity thread he'd go in and get them to drop the pretense, he often does this in the style of the cow he currently documents see: Corey Barnhill / Godspeed thread, or PPP / Ashton Parks thread for a display, he also would play good cop to dyns bad in the king of pol thread, this coupled with others viewing him as a PPP capois one reasons why i suspect arm pit cream got a hair in his pit and added @Perspicacity tag to the lolocw.org thread on Cog and Suit Yourself (which resulted in a lolsuit and ethan ralph offering to hire an attorney if it wen to court)
and now there seems to be something going on with spectre, a user many figured would become halal sooner rather then later.


The Autistic Aizen
How much you gonna pay for me to break my own rules and hex this bitch?

Fire and brimstone?
Future sight mayhaps?


Seriously I'll fucking do it ahyuuuuck.