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No decision has yet been mae by the Liberty University Board of Trustees regarding Reverend Jerry Falwell Jr. (President of Liberty University) over his controversial yacht photos. He was placed on temporary leave after a Twitter photo of him on a yacht with his arm around his wife's assistant allegedly drinking an alcoholic drink with his pants unzipped was leaked. Many have criticized the photo as being out of step with Liberty's conservative Christian values.

Jerry Falwell Jr..jpg

Jerry Falwell Jr.2.jpg

Somehow I get the feeling looking at his face that he knows he fucked up with that photo
Here is a link to the article: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/poli...rty-university/ar-BB18feaA?ocid=uxbndlbingoff
Link to the Twitter Photos:


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Jerry Falwell Jr.
Resicence: Lynchburg, VA


By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Jerry Falwell Jr., CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=85482901

Jerry Falwell Jr. is the president of Liberty University on an indefinite leave of absence due to some questionable photographs from his Instagram account
Jerry Falwell Jr..jpg

Somehow I get the feeling that he realizes he fucked up with that photo

Jerry Falwell Jr.2.jpg

Facebook Video: Facebook Video (Push It): Facebook Video: (Trailer Park Boys): His Twitter: https://twitter.com/JerryFalwellJr
His Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jerryfalwelljr/

Protest over a supposedly racist tweet:

His awkward explanation for that racy photo

His opinion on Trump's both sides comment in response to the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally

Reparations for Donald Trump

Links to the pool saga shit:

Update: Now the pool guy says he was having an affair wth Falwell's wife banging her at a hotel and in her bedroom at Falwell's house. Yeah they are going to talk with Falwell on Tuesday and then give him a severance package: https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/24/us/jerry-falwell-jr-resigns-liberty-university/index.html
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Apparently he resigned:

(CNN)Jerry Falwell Jr. has resigned -- again. And this time he and Liberty University agree.
The embattled evangelical leader said he has resigned as president and chancellor of the Christian school, a day after reports that Falwell and his wife took part in a sexual relationship with a former hotel pool attendant.
The school said Tuesday that its Board of Trustees accepted Falwell's resignation, and also accepted his resignation from its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns: https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/25/us/jerry-falwell-jr-liberty-university-resignation/index.html

His severance package:

Falwell Jr.'s big payout
Falwell told CNN he will receive a $10.5 million compensation package from the evangelical school: $2.5 million to be paid during the next two years and another $8 million thereafter.
As the university's president and chancellor, Falwell was paid about $1.25 million per year.


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Michael Cohen says he helped Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife block the release of sensitive photos
  • Falwell resigned as president of Liberty University on Tuesday following a series of controversies, including an allegation that Becki had a sexual affair with Falwell's former business partner Giancarlo Granda.
  • Cohen in 2018 pleaded guilty to tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign-finance violations but is finishing the rest of his three-year sentence at home over COVID-19 concerns.
  • Cohen said he's a longtime friend of the Falwells and helping the former Liberty University head was not tied to the Trump campaign.

Falwell's former business partner Giancarlo Granda."Becki and I developed an intimate relationship and Jerry enjoyed watching from the corner of the room," Granda told Reuters. Falwell denied the claims that he was involved in the affair.



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Jerry Falwell Jr. went full steam into endorsing Donald Trump and the Republican Administration. He pumped millions of dollars belonging to Liberty University into Republican causes and the Trump administration. He created a university funded “think tank” that ran pro-Trump advertising, hired Trump allies, and in recent weeks aggressively promoted Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.

The think tank called the Falkirk Center purchased as least $50,000 worth of Facebook campaign advertising that promoted Trump and other Republican candidates by name.

From a legal standpoint: As a 501c(3) nonprofit, Liberty University is technically barred from supporting political candidates and spending money on political campaigns.

Last July, the Falkirk Center held a two-day summit on China policy at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. hosting Republican officials and Trump allies but no Democratic speakers.

There was no record of any peer reviewed academic research that ever came out of the Falkirk Center.



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Right Wing lolcows can be interesting, yet as with anything it's all about presentation.
The op is missing a clincher in the introductory paragraph it's best to catch the readers eye off the bat plus one must start from the point of an individual who isn't familiar with the subject matter.