Introduction and House Rules


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Welcome to the Onionfarms - the gossip and drama forum currently under development. Before we go any further, let me explain a little bit about Onionfarms as well as the house rules so it is an enjoyable experience for everybody.

Onionfarms is a forum that covers current news stories, as well as gossip and drama concerning celebrities and political affairs of countries and politicians. Our purpose is to provide a relaxed, entertaining and informative forum that people will want to come back to over and over again.

1. The administrator reserves the right to make changes at any time with or without notice that he considers to be in the best interests of the forum.

2. Don't post or link to any content that is illegal under United States law.

3. Keep it civil. Refrain from personal attacks against other members. Debating, agreeing/disagreeing about the topics at hand is okay. Attacking each other personally is not. No trolling or mobbing other members. If you have a dispute with someone talk to them privately.

4. Please respect the privacy and rights of the other members who post here.

5. You may post material that is specifically intended for the general public such as public Facebook pages, tweets, Tumblr posts and so forth. Gossip from fan sites such as is also okay.

6. Onionfarms is a gossip forum concerning current events, news and celebrities/public figures that are commonly followed by fans, gossip or celebrity publications (entertainers, musicians, actors, television personalities), miscellaneous public figures, professional sports, political heads of state and other political figures that are commonly in the public eye. Other figures/topics may be added at the discretion of the Administrator that would be of interest to the forum.