Imageboards- funny screenshots of anons and anonettes

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What are imageboards?
Imageboards are usually anonymous online spaces for a group of people to talk about any topics and mainly to post images on the boards, hence the name imageboard. Before imageboards, there were similar anonymous online spaces called textboards, which are like imageboards without images. Most notable imageboards would be 2chan (Japanese), 4chan, 8chan/8kun (now defunct), 7chan,, and wizardchan.
Helpful sources: Basically a navigator of 2chan in English.*chan_boards A list of some imageboards (some now defunct) A list of all Imageboards of all languages. Most are in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish Chinese, Japanese, English, Spanish, German, and Italian A website about writing why they think a website is rotten, but sometimes these people don't know what they're talking about. Basically about the Russian imageboard website 4chan has an article on here as well.

Imageboards I know of:
  • 4chan created by Christopher Pool aka moot when he was 15 in 2003. A lot of memes came from 4chan and various parts of the internet.
  • 2chan Japanese Imageboard created in 1999. They really don't like it when a non East Asian goes on this site.
  • 7chan got founded when former users of 4chan got tired of /b/tards on the site, so they flocked to 7chan. Founded in 2009.
  • 8chan/8kun 8chan was an imageboard like 4chan, created in 2013. The 8chan url got shut down around 2019, and they had to create a newer url, 8kun got shut down a couple of weeks ago. Mainly linked to authoritarian right/alt-rights.
  • 420chan was created on the 20 April 2005. Basically an imageboard for potheads.
  • 1chan imageboard about trains
  • 28chan founded on the 19 August 2020, languages both in English and Spanish, but it's an Argentinean imageboard
  • An imageboard full of kind and positive messages. Very different from the usual angry message on others.
  • Female-only imageboard full of radfems. Flocked right after admin-chan of
  • Imageboard created by a male admin in 2014. Female only imageboard. Current admin became admin when she was 19. Users on this site are lolcows themselves, and admin-chan is a lolcow.
  • Jewsh owned this imageboard
  • 0chan Imageboard on the Zeronet. very dead on there.
  • imageboard for relaxing and comfy talk. Images and posts are deleted after a day.
  • Post Office in the title. Has another page with images on there
  • Kpop imageboard. Has a funny tweet page I like going on
  • textboard that's been around for a while. I occasionally go on here.
If there's more info you'd like to add please feel free to! Also funny images would be great as well!
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Dec 3, 2020
Back in September I "raided"'s /b/ board with some help from KF chat:
View attachment mods pls.png

Good times.

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Dec 10, 2020
There's also - A site that Mark, the previous mod for 8ch /v/, created as a bunker. It also has the usual /pol/ /b/ /t/ (tech board) etc... that you'd find in other places

There's Endchan, which I haven't been on in a while. From what I remember it was the place people from 8ch /pol/ were flocking to, but then decided not to because the mods over there were putting a stop to the acceleration posters because they thought they were feds/glowniggers, so people were crying bout "muh freedom of speech"

And there's nanochan but it's an TOR only site... don't know much about it


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Dec 4, 2020
where OP lives
I recall there being an offshoot imageboard for 8/b/ tards called spacechan but iirc it went through too many changes and insite fighting and it's probably gone. (the site where /cow/ was on) had some minor drama regarding the /v/ on there and a bunch of newfags from 8kun shitting up the place and after a few board deletions and stuff they rebranded to alogs.theguntretort. I'm pretty sure there's an imageboard where most /g/ and some other anons went on called lainchan. There's also another splinter site called Prolikewoah iirc. Also there was a site where some /b/tards fled that was rife with loli and CP early on and got taken down fast but I can't remember the name other than that it wasn't 9chan and had a /b/ and /b2/ board. There's probably a bunch of other smaller splintered sites out there that have varying degrees of success because I know a few people tried making offshoot 8chan websites besides those mentioned only for them to become devoid of activity after a few days.
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Sorry for double posting
I have a few more images I've found:



The last one is hilarious because it's a goth or emo poseur; she probably most likely didn't know that Goth is a music genre from the late 70's- early 1980's. Also, possibly didn't know that Emo is a music genre from the mid-late 1980's as well as the 1990's. As well as the fact that she's obese.
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