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How did Fallout New Vegas Bring You Closer to God?

New Vegas Sperging Thread

The Cook Slayer

Fan of Chris(t) 4th Espada

Short Intro Summary

For me, I appreciated that it was possible to have an ending where all these wise asses agreed to set aside their squabbling and give the Jewel of the New World to a Lone Wanderer if you get your Speech up to 100 and listen to the guides on it, there is a way to just literally punch everything with boxing gloves and do a Pacifist run where you literally unite the entire Wasteland and an Old Empire to bully a buncha people that hate women into jacking off instead of enslaving everyone.

You just need a Yes Man and to go all in against House and find out his plan early on.

Too bad there isn't a mod where House agrees to a council rule, but if that's how it has to be that guy is way too selfish to usher humanity into any sort of new era.

New Vegas is about playing the game right, no matter how many times you try. Each playthrough hones your skills to get the ending you desire.

It's about debating when you need to and beating up a gang of old ladies who randomly jump you outta nowhere. Preferably with a stick and Cyber Doggo if you have him. I usually use EDE and make one of the peaceful settlements into an orphan dog settlement I visit(go figure huh).



I enjoy Arcade Ganon, he unites the Enclave to help you out over his boner for you. You can also get the kickass punk cult known as The Followers of the Apocalypse to help you out.

I enjoy Boone, a sniper who lost his wife and hates the legion but can put it aside long enough to help.

Some call Raul ugly cause he's a Ghoul, but I always try to rescue him from Black Mountain.

Never got the point of simping for Rose, guess I'm just jealous.

Veronica is one of my favorites, the set of figurative balls on the lass makes me admire the HELL out of her.

Lily is the best, like my own guardian angel, she literally just goes crazy when enemies are nearby and will rip and tear until the job is finished. I wish there was a way to make her be able to release the rage(mod side quest anyone?)and not actually uh... die.

Never forget Rex. Every doggo and kitty and crow and non combative animal is a good boy or girl.

EDE is the companion I always have with me as soon as I can fix him up. He's too cute not to keep around.


Side Factions

The Boomers are annoying until you get their customs and rituals down. Even then they expect you to resurrect their drown vehicle of ascension to work with you. They need to listen to their kids more, I literally cannot lie about that. They'd have no issues at expansion and safety, as they do in the Yesman ending where everyone's happy.

Brotherhood of Steel is the best, go fuck yourself, this chapter is just backwards. Needs to be more cooperative like some other chapters are in canon. Sorry oldfags, the fans have spoken and the Brotherhood of Steel being fascists only is boring as all get out. They need to work together to build something new. It's one of the points Fallout 3 gets down much better in my humble opinion.

The Great Khan's are great and in playthroughs where I go (what if Ceasar apologized to Burn Man and listen to him?) I always imagine they're granted amnesty due to the collective trauma their enemies have enforced upon them.


The Three Families

White Gloves - Kill until they stop cooking live people, they could easily eat the dead in secret and I doubt anyone in a post nuclear apocalypse would judge them based on resource scarcity. Otherwise they don't have much excuse other than greed and I usually erase them if they don't stop. Luckily if your Speech is high enough, this happens without much violence.

Omertas - Thus is the rule, of Honor.

Chairmen - Benny fucking shoots you in the head, his ass needed to self exile or actually apologize and give you full control when he found out you didn't die. Without that, Caesar's Legion torturing him and putting him on a cross is essentially what he deserves. I try not to be like Benny, he's just the worst type of person to me. But even he could get forgiveness if he stopped his bullshit.



Dead Money - Can I even comment on this one?

Honest Hearts - Lol Burn Man know Bible best.

Old World Blues - Funniest damn DLC of most any game. "Oh God, why does he have ten penises? What are those?" Real Merged shit with the voice talent.

Lonesome Road - Ulysses you fool, peace was always an option. Fight for peace however you can. You don't cripple the Bear and the Bull, you go for the Head.

or right above it.

The Civil War

The first battle at the dam was a disaster, no matter how the two headed bear may astroturf it. Ceasar's Legion should never have had a Preacher as the main battle commander, without that mistake on Caesar's behalf the Bull would outright sweep across the post nuclear war.

Instead Caesar would never admit personal fault and threw his best advisor into the grand canyon and got rid of anyone that actually cared about his well being from positions of power. He grew bloodthirsty and couldn't back down his entire life. While his successor is EVEN MORE bloodthirsty if he ever spoke at length with Joshua Graham, he would have known not to attack again and consolidate power for the next generation to make a new expansion.

Instead the game's writers force you to side with the ineffective NCR on the surface in order to get any sort of peaceful resolution without genocide after the second battle of Hoover Dam.

The best moment in all of gaming is when you and your friends and the small time players all stare the two(up until your faggy friendship quest) biggest armies in the Wasteland and go....

No, you fuck off and leave us alone you spaztics. I'm not a spah, you're a spah.


And yes I always dress in NCR Ranger Armor, Chinese Stealth Armor or Power Armor lololololol


The Cook Slayer

Fan of Chris(t) 4th Espada

I looked but I'm tired and didn't find a topic on this, sorry Kengle- I mean uh fuck you you butt muncher?

Is, is that how I do this?

Being unnecessarily mean is, and always be foreign to me. I can only defend others honestly.


I don't need to use timestamps to prove anything anymore so I'll edit in when I can.