George Floyd's Death from the Videos


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Dec 10, 2019
Here is the video minutes before his untimely death

Now right at around 5:18 there appears to be a little bit of a struggle with police. At 5:23PM it appears that he stumbles and falls to the pavement. At 5:27 the door to the police car is opened and it looks like they may be trying to get him into the back seat.
At about 2:37 in this video, the narrator described what appeared to be a struggle between Floyd and the officers. When Floyd stumbled and fell did the officers think he was resisting arrest, when they were trying to get him into the police vehicle? Officer Chauvin had pulled up seconds before the struggle and saw what was going on and may have interpreted it that way.

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin knew each other at the same nightclub where both worked security. They had a history of not getting along with each other and reportedly Chauvin was very aggressive with some of the patrons and was intimidated by blacks.

The question that might need to be asked is: Did Officer Chauvin put his knee on George Floyd's neck partially out of personal revenge or "payback" out of conflicts that may have arose at the nightclub where both of them had also worked? Did Chauvin have a history of badmouthing Floyd to the other officers? I think these are very relevent questions that need answers. What we have is a toxic mix of bad policing (a chokehold that should have been banned), personal revenge/racism on a personal level where both the suspect and officer worked at the same night club and had personal emnity towrds each other and possibly some institutional racism as well. Though the main factors in here were personal racism and the bad police techniques.
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