Algeria - Morocco Diplomatic Crisis


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Relations between Morocco and Algeria have taken a turn for the worse when there were accusations that the Moroccan diplomat in Oran, Algeria was accused of being an intelligence agent (a charge that Morocco claims is nonsense). Morocco has long viewed Algeria as a rival country in the area which began with a border dispute in 1963 - 1964 and increased due to the Politics of the Cold War.

In addition, Algeria strongly supports the secessionist movement of the Sahrawi Polisario Front on its endeavor to declare an independent country in the former Spanish Sahara which is totally opposed by Morocco since it considers the Western Sahara to be an integral part of Moroccan territory. In November 6, 1975 King Hassan of Morocco organized the Green March several kilometers into the former Spanish Colony with 350,000 Moroccans and nearly 20,000 Moroccan troops.

While it may be tempting to brush this off as another pissing match between the two countries, I am listing this as a Squall Line because there is a Moroccan expert that believes Algeria may be preparing to go to war against Morocco according to this news article. And it Morocco and Algeria go at it, it's a sure thing the Sahrawi Polisario Front will also get involved as well. I am not sure how Mauritania would react because it also claimed the southern part of the Spanish Sahara as well.