Addiction to diapers

{o}P II

Dec 4, 2020

Hello Everyone , my name is pansy Gronski, and I've posted many things on this wonderful website. My Daddy/Master AL John has ordered me to create this post about being Addicted to Diapers.

Yes, I truly am 100% Addicted to Diapers ~ Here is a current list of my Diaper Addiction
I am Addicted to
Wearing Diapers 24/7 and knowing I'll be in them permanently
Wetting my Diapers
Messing my Diapers
Waking up in the morning with a full Diaper
Wetting and Messing my Diapers throughout the day, I no longer have the ability to "Hold" a wee-wee or poopy
Showing off my Diapered Status
Wetting and Messing my Diapers in public
When I need to purchase Diaper supplies or Baby Formula/Food, I make sure the clerk knows that they are for me
Reading Diaper stories on the the intrenet
Watching sissy Diaper Videos and viewing sissy Diaper pictures (up to 4-5 hours a day)
My Entire Life Revolves around DIAPERS!
Diapers and Diaper wearing consume almost all of my thoughts
I have no desire to every been seen or referred to as a "Grown-Up" person again
I am a Complete and Total Diaper Lover
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