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13 Ground Rules of the Anti Chris

The Cook Slayer

Fan of Chris(t) 4th Espada
I was writing a book and CommieDGirl dragged me into a police investigation.

That's why this is all so fucked.

The Cook Slayer

Fan of Chris(t) 4th Espada
My boyfriend and I were just trying to write a story together and publish it later through a poor artist but instead this is what we got.

The Cook Slayer

Fan of Chris(t) 4th Espada
No shit anyone who self inserts is helping me edit, getting credit and a cut of the profits.

I call us prophets for a reason.

And I now own Onionfarms and Lolcow.org so according to you guys I get 41%
51% will go to the church.(and the sites)
So be apart of the church or be in the 8% in 8 years when we publish.

Details to be worked out in the meme time.

Don't ever forget, thanks to CommieDGirl I am both the victim and the Main Character now.

None of you can claim to be a victim of my silly fucking book or any of these sites.

Chris Chan can but the guy thinks he's Jesus Christ so by attempting to sue I will literally bring that up in court.

Chris Chan is the ONLY person who has any rights to go after Lolcow LLC now.

Nobody else can even claim to be a victim in court because of what I did.

So pay me.


The Autistic Aizen
”The Internet sleuths at the site Kiwi Farms have actual jobs and shouldn't be fail trolled by virtue signalling. If you try to fail troll me for attention you will be found out and you'll work for the federal government one way or another. So better to work for me at a free range funny farm than to end up doing prison labor."

Now @Null tell Onionfarms staff to trim and edit whatever you want. Those who need to know already know.

This is the only way to profit off of Chris Chan's stuff and I don't mind publicly being known as someone who helps out the Government expose corruption and bad faith actors.

Kiwifarms is for shit posting, Onionfarms is for posting shit.

Find someone better suited for the task or let me help lolcows that want to better the lives of those around them.

I think I've proven to everyone by now that I refuse to alog. I don't mind being the canary, there's no reason for Kiwifarms to be federally investigated as anyone with an account can be looked into here or by the government.

I'm only here to laugh and report on actual harmful people.

Most of the ppl on 🥝 want to help.

I've broken my own rules and yours but if you post in this subforum I will peg you for free big guy.

So unless you're really into femboys taking you from behind, DM me your approval and go back to worrying about your funny site.


I'll be your snake catcher cause I'm a charming snack, who obviously has no criminal background other than petty theft to feed myself and ppl I was dating.


The Autistic Aizen
Chris Chan should have allowed artists to profit off his OCs and it sounds like he did not at all.

Old IPs should become public domain.

Fucking Disney, ruining kids dreams.