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  1. Sailfish

    Saudi Arabia Oil Wars: UAE Taking On Saudi Arabia
  2. DANK MEMES 420

    Saudi Arabia What’s the deal with Saudi Arabia?

    It seems pretty messed up to me.
  3. Sailfish

    Saudi Arabia Meet the Rabbi Bringing Judaism to Saudi Arabia
  4. Sailfish

    Saudi Arabia Meet the Rabbi Bringing Judaism to Saudi Arabia

    "With his black Hasidic coat, flat brimmed hat and long beard, Rabbi Yaakov Herzog must look like a strange sight on the streets of Riyadh, but that’s exactly where he is hoping to relocate after years of working with Jewish expats living in Saudi Arabia. No native Jewish community remains in...
  5. Sailfish

    Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Executes Three Soldiers Convicted On High Treason

    I am wondering if they sided with Yemen over this civil war: "Saudi Arabian authorities said Saturday that they executed three soldiers after they were convicted on charges of high treason. The Defence Ministry named the three in a statement and said they were found guilty of collaborating...
  6. Sailfish

    Israel Netanyahu Promises Direct Flights from Israel to Mecca If Elected.

    Prepare for a potential lolicoaster of political drama (especially from Iran and a few of your other hardline countries -i.e. Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to launch direct flights to Saudi Arabia if he is victorious in Tuesday’s elections. “I’m going to...