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  1. Sailfish

    Nnama Kanu Part 1 Biafra Secessionist and Racist Rabble-Rouser

    Let me introduce you to Nnamdi Kanu. He is a British Citizen, a Biafra Secessionist who is racist against black people (yes you are reading this correctly), Nigerian Muslims, Christians who are ethnic Yoruba, a convert to Judaism which raises more than a few eyebrows on this, a terrorist who has...
  2. Sailfish

    Celebritysphere - Nigeria Cossy Orjiakor Part 1

    Her Wiki: Quoting from the Bible with her giant boobs flapping from her half opened shirt: Her infamous sex with dog scandal...
  3. Sailfish

    Nollywood Mercy Johnson Okojie

    Instagram: Wikipedia: Twitter: Facebook (Public Page): Recent News Articles Daughter was allegedly bullied. Mother allegedly...
  4. Sailfish

    Nollywood Moyo Lawal Nollywood Actress,476206.0.html
  5. Sailfish

    Nollywood Break the Blade Movie (Female Genital Mutilation)

    Long overdue to put an end to this horror and it is being acknowledged in Nollywood.
  6. Sailfish

    Nigeria Nigeria wants all broadcast service providers and social media to be licensed to operate within the country

    Nigeria has directed all online broadcast providers and social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, What's App, Tik Tok and others to obtain a license before being able to operate within the country, It has already suspended Twitter for the time being. Twitter is in negotiations with the...
  7. Sailfish

    Cameroon and Nigeria Separatists Are Joining Forces

    Okay, a little history background on this. From July 6 1967 to January 15,1970 Nigeria had been in a civil war with the breakaway state of Biafra known as the Nigeria - Biafra War. While the federal government won the war, it has never extinguished long held resentments going back decades by the...
  8. Sailfish

    History of Nigeria

    Nigeria has more historic cultures and empires than any other nation in Africa. While human habitation has existed thousands of years in Nigeria back to the stone age. The oldest evidence of a recognizable organized society belonged to the Nok Culture. The Nok Culture was an ancient Iron Age...
  9. Sailfish

    Nigeria Overview

    Original Post in Progress It's been overdue for a megathread on Nigeria because there is so much that comes out of this country. In terms of potential, we have cows such as Ugo Jesse, Nollywood and enough newspapers with kooky stories to satisfy even the thirstiest onion. Of course, it will take...
  10. ayy lmao

    Nigeria ‘We’re not giving FG our IMEI,’ Nigerians react to NCC’s directive

    The Nigerian Communications Commission wants to have IMEI codes of mobile phone users: "Nigerians have kicked against the latest directive by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) asking...
  11. ayy lmao

    Nigeria Bandits kill one, abduct others in Katsina This just in . A crucial danger situation. "Gunmen have killed a sexagenarian, simply identified as Alhaji Hassan, and abducted others in Batsari Local Council of Katsina State. The gunmen reportedly stormed the area about...
  12. ayy lmao

    Nigeria Presidency confirms robbery incident in Presidential Villa "The Presidency on Monday confirmed an attack on the residence of Ibrahim Gambari, Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari." "Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu confirmed the attack on Monday...
  13. Sailfish

    Nollywood Bobrisky's Personal Assistant Oye Kyme (Ivory Coast) Spills Embarassing Details about the Nigerian Crossdresser

    I've known about Bobrisky and I think a thread on he/she would fit in nicely here Airing his dirty laundry...
  14. O

    Nigeria INSECURITY: Nigeria is haemorrhaging, live up to your responsibilities — Group urges Buhari

    INSECURITY: Nigeria is haemorrhaging, live up to your responsibilities — Group urges Buhari Apparently a group has urged Buhari to live up to his responsibilities. source:
  15. O

    Nigeria Cleric: Nigeria needs to regulate access to misguided information on internet They’re coming for you @Sailfish , Consequences will never be the same.
  16. Sailfish

    Nigeria Married Policeman Caught in Sodomy Act With Gay Partner Disgraced in Orlu Imo State

    Article dated April 21, 2020: Homophobia Nigeria Style.
  17. Sailfish

    Nigeria Bandits Kidnap an Unspecified Number of Worshipers at a Baptist Church in Kaduna State

    Bandits in Kaduna State allegedly murdered a physician and abducted an unspecified number of worshippers at Haske Baptist Church in Kaduna State. One of the worshippers identified as Dr. Zakariah Dogo Yaro with the Kaduna State Ministry of Health was gunned down before several church members...
  18. O

    Nigeria Tragedy Hits Nigeria as Mama Taraba dies at 61
  19. Sailfish

    A National Disgrace: Modern Day Slavery in Nigeria
  20. Sailfish

    Nollywood Same Sex Relationships Come to Nollywood

    I'm going to admit this takes balls to do a film like this in a country where homophobia is the norm even by the President Goodluck Jonathan. Gay and Lesbian Rights in Nigeria...
  21. Sailfish

    The Hyena Men of Nigeria

    I think Hyenas should be left alone to be hyenas:
  22. Sailfish

    Muhammadu Buhari - President of Nigeria

    Meet Muhammadu Buhari (President of Nigeria) His wikipedia article: His Twitter: His Official Website: His Instagram: He was originally from Daura...
  23. Sailfish

    Nigeria Baby Girl Left Hanging on Barbed Wire

    A baby girl was found hanging on a barbed wire fence of a student hostel in the town of Oko, Anambra State, Nigeria is responding to treatment after the fall at the Chukwunoso Specialist Hospital in the area. The mother who threw the newborn over the fence from the first floor of the building...
  24. Sailfish

    Religious Individual Nigerian Pastor Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje - "I Started Singing In My Mother's Womb"

    Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje is one of the most popular pastors in Nigeria. According to the prophet himself, he started singing in his mother's womb. Born September 9, 1982, Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria Wikipedia Article: YouTube: Official Video Power of...
  25. Kim Kardashian


    ugojesse thread a chad cartoonist from nigeria
  26. Sailfish

    Nigeria Father and Stepmother Detained after Torturing Their Six Year Old Child with Nails in Ogun State

    A six-year-old girl is in the hospital after her father, Taiwo Onabanjo, and stepmother, Abimbola, allegedly tortured her with nails at their residence in Ijagba, in the Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State. It was gathered that a concerned neighbour alerted a non-governmental...
  27. Sailfish

    Pregnant Woman Lands In Trouble After Allowing Her Husband’s Brother Shave Her "Area"

    A pregnant woman has narrated how she got into trouble with her husband, after she allowed his brother to shave her "area" down there.,489293.0.html
  28. Sailfish

    Nigerian Lady Walks 12 Miles Back Home After Man She Meets on Twitter Refuses to Give Her Taxi Fare.

    Basically a Nigerian woman met a man on Twitter went to his house. The guy wanted to have sex, but she refused his advances. Apparently the guy had promised to pay for her transport fare to get back home but reneged on his promised when he did not get laid. The woman ended up walking 12 miles...
  29. N

    roody-poo Scams of roody-poo Nigeria

    Post Dingus scams from niggeria and results. There are tons online and niggers are niggers so they Dingus it up and Dingus the niggers Dingus Dingus. If you can't find niggerscams of niggers then just laugh as you learn about niggers being niggers. Here is a great example of niggers being out...
  30. Sailfish

    Nigeria Abusive SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) in Nigeria Abolished, Replaced with SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics Team)

    Abolish one brutal police force and replace it with another.
  31. Sailfish

    Genevieve Nnaji- Celebrity Actress Nollywood

    Genevieve Nnaji is a celebrity actress, director and producer in the Nollywood scene. Celebrity Tier Rating: 7 Her article in the Wikipedia: IMDB: Her Instagram: Her...