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  1. Sailfish

    Nnama Kanu Part 1 Biafra Secessionist and Racist Rabble-Rouser

    Let me introduce you to Nnamdi Kanu. He is a British Citizen, a Biafra Secessionist who is racist against black people (yes you are reading this correctly), Nigerian Muslims, Christians who are ethnic Yoruba, a convert to Judaism which raises more than a few eyebrows on this, a terrorist who has...
  2. Sailfish

    Cameroon and Nigeria Separatists Are Joining Forces

    Okay, a little history background on this. From July 6 1967 to January 15,1970 Nigeria had been in a civil war with the breakaway state of Biafra known as the Nigeria - Biafra War. While the federal government won the war, it has never extinguished long held resentments going back decades by the...