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    Public Figure - Memesphere Christine Weston Chandler

    CWC is probably the best known so called "internet lolcow" and quite arguably one of the most trolled people on the internet. She is famous as the original creator of Sonichu and Rosechu (The most famous "bad webcomic" on the internet). A well known public figure she is ranked as a Tier 4 on the...
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    Racism Between Africans and African-Americans

    Racist tweet against African-Americans by Native Africans. And this is not the only one.
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    George Floyd on

    This offers an indepth look at George Floyd:
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    Will Monrovia Be Renamed?

    Monrovia was named after US President James Monroe who was also a slave holder. With slaveholder statues falling, should Monrovia have its name changed?
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    George Floyd's Death from the Videos

    Here is the video minutes before his untimely death Now right at around 5:18 there appears to be a little bit of a struggle with police. At 5:23PM it appears that he stumbles and falls to the pavement. At 5:27 the door to the police car is opened and it looks like they may be trying to get him...
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    13 Year Old Kid with CP and Mental Health Issues Arrested by Police

    This should have been handled by mental health workers who would probably be better trained at de-escalating situations like this. Yes police are essential but we should narrow down their functions and let them operate where they do best (fighting violent crime). <iframe width="560"...
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    Political Family Dynasty Who was behind Africa's First Coup
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    Psychological Support Elissa Binion

    She appears to be a graduate student in mental health counseling at St. Mary's University so since this video was relevant to the subject at hand, I thought I would post it.
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    Coronavirus was already present in Italy in December

    Researchers from across the world have been tracing the spread of the coronavirus through waste water and sewage finding genetic traces from Brisbane to Paris and Amsterdam. The virus was present in Milan and Turin in December of last year. This was about the first time it was first reported in...
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    Psychological Support Banter and Cyberbullying/Harassment What's The Difference?

    I would draw a distinction between "official dox" such as an official address that you would send fan mail to or an official social media page that acts as an intermediary between that celebrity and the general public and personal dox such as someone's personal residence or phone number.
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    Police Brutality in Togo

    How demonstrations are dealt with by the military
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    Psychological Support Banter and Cyberbullying/Harassment What's The Difference?

    I am going to start this off because this has become an important topic on the minds of a lot of people that are subject to online abuse. In general banter ends when you log out of the forum. Harassment on the other hand follows you around.
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    Aunt Jemima Logo Will Be Retired Over Links to Slavery

    While the logo has been around for a long time, it probably is for the best that it be retired. Any thoughts on this?
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    23 Year old Ex-Teen Nigerian Model Has the Hots for Genevieve Nnaji

    23 year old Nigerian ex-teen model wants to marry famous Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji. Emmanuel Somto has vowed to marry famous Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji. Somto, who is the only African model under Apple management, based in Thailand said Genevieve is his choice for a wife. In the...
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    MOVED: Genevieve Nnaji- Celebrity Actress Nollywood

    This topic has been moved to [Genevieve Nnaji].
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    Somaliland and Somalia Dispute

    I knew this would happen. The civil war in Somalia had its roots in the 1980s with the increasing unpopularity of Siad Barre's dictatorship. In 1991, the government was overthrown and the country plunged into civil war and effectively ceased to exist as a state. However, the northern part of the...
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    Afghanistan and Iranian Relations are Under Fire

    Unfortunately politics is very volatile. It was not that long ago that Iran's main security interest was maintaining close stable ties with Afghanistan. Apparently Iran is under the gun for mistreatment and torture of Afghan refugees. it's as one said, another sad situation...
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    Donald Trump Jr's. Sheep Hunting Jaunt in Mongolia

    Donald Trump Jr. took an eight day sheep hunting trip in Mongolia last summer to hunt an endangered Argali Sheep for over $75K and we foot the bill. Talk about entitled. >:(...
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    The President of the French Republic Mr. Emmanuel Macron sent a message of congratulations to his Djiboutian counterpart Ismail Omar Guelleh. It was formerly known as the...